business writing

Business Writing

Working with you to deliver targeted and impactful communications within your organisation, and successfully representing you whenever words are needed to create a winning theme.       

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Our strength is in effective copywriting and how to reach your targeted audience with words that will create the right impact whether it’s a case study, grant application or winning award submission. 

Give us the brief and we can provide you with the words that reflect your business values, expertise, accomplishments and what you can deliver.

And if it’s your own work, we can provide a trained eye to review any documents that you’re not 100% happy with. Perhaps they are too ‘wordy’ or simply not getting the message across. Whatever the reason, we can save you time and effort by proofreading and polishing your content. 


Applications for funding are time consuming and hectic for everyone involved. Preparing and planning, drafting applications, numerous reviews and editing. 

We have the expertise and passion to deliver a competitive and compliant application to maximise your chance to secure funding . 


We will collaborate with your award-winning team to pinpoint your successes and what sets you apart within your chosen category. Understanding why you are winners will ensure the best possible award entry and your chance to shine. 

Securing a coveted award on the night is an amazing accolade for your business and team and gives you a powerful reference, brand recognition and kudos that goes way beyond one evening’s success.

Sales Toolkit

Instrumental in any sales cycle are the documents and presentations that we use as part of our winning story, persuading the audience that our solutions meet a need or even create one.

Critical to a successful sales engagement is the ability to demonstrate that you have listened and fully understand a prospective customer’s business need, their aspirations and who they are. In turn, you can present a compelling message and the best solution to match requirement.

By working closely with you, we can hit the right note to deliver punchy and memorable messaging refelcting your unique style and precisely what sets you apart form your competitors. We can start from scratch or work on existing material across every touchpoint.  

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