knowledge management, knowledge base

Knowledge Management

The Bid Boutique can lend a hand in creating a central library of up to date relevant information and past bids that can be located and shared quickly and with ease.

knowledge management, knowledge base

Every time you respond to a tender, you are creating valuable information about your company, your team, what you do and how you do it. Case studies are written, company policies and procedures documented, and relevant certificates collated. 


Before you know it, there’s potential for a library full of standard information that can be used again and again to save you time and effort.  


Sometimes simple but labour-intensive activities can be overlooked during a bid process and that’s where we can help put together a comprehensive knowledge management system for the future so that your valuable time isn’t wasted on re-inventing the wheel. 


Not only does this allow you to be more efficient, it also gives you precious extra time to focus on what really matters – a winning proposition! 

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