sales toolkit

Sales Toolkit

Working closely with you to deliver winning content across all the touchpoints of your sales cycle and client engagement.

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Instrumental in any sales cycle are the documents and presentations that we use as part of our winning story, persuading the audience that our solutions meet a need or even create one.


Critical to a successful sales engagement is the ability to demonstrate that you have listened and fully understood a prospective customer’s business need, their aspirations and who they are. In turn, you can present a compelling message and the best solution.


The Bid Boutique works through the needs discovery process with you to deliver winning  content that perfectly matches the requirements of the immediate audience, as well as the key decision makers and influencers that the sales message will be relayed to.


We can start from scratch or work on existing material across every sales touchpoint including:

– Sales and marketing campaigns
– Presentations
– Proposal templates
– ‘Leave behind’ documents
– Website and social media content
– Quarterly and monthly business review document templates
– Graphics/visuals


By working closely with you, we can hit the right note to deliver punchy and memorable messaging, reflecting your unique style and precisely what sets you apart from your competitors.

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