Social Value – Why everyone’s a winner!

As we start to look beyond COVID 19, the focus for Australian businesses is very much on accelerating sales activity. Delivering winning propositions that demonstrate real value to prospects, businesses, and the wider community is key.

Social responsibility is key

How organisations and industry leaders deal with the current crisis will define their future prospects. Positive and responsible behaviour towards employees, suppliers and customers will drive long term brand success and inspire loyalty.

Public sector and private enterprise will seek suppliers who have demonstrated social value during these unprecedented times. Those who focus on the well being of their people, families, and communities will be the companies that thrive.

As we move forward into the “new normal”, social value will be more prominent than ever in tendering. It has to be a key priority as public sector organisations in particular look for examples of delivering social value, and how you pro-actively helped the community and local economy in innovative ways and during such difficult times.   

What is social value?

If you are new to tendering, you might be asking “what is social value?”  Simply put, social value looks beyond price alone and focuses on the positive impact on communities and the wider world. To define social value, consider the following:

  • operating policies and procedures
  • community engagement
  • charitable support and volunteering
  • sustainability
  • wellbeing
  • diversity
  • spend

Social value delivers success

As more public sector organisations request and expect detailed responses that demonstrate how you address and incorporate social value into your business practices, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to show your commitment to social responsibility and how closely you are aligned to the vision and values of others. By adopting a socially conscious approach, you will benefit from increased business engagement and solid, long term relationships.

Although it has been much more challenging to deliver social value during the pandemic with so many restrictions in place, you will still have made an impact in key areas, and it’s important that you reference these contributions in a tender response.

Making a positive contribution

Think about the components that make up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how your voluntary actions have gone beyond what makes you compliant. What has been the positive contribution of your business on the economy, the environment, and the local community? New training opportunities and upskilling for employees? Volunteering? Involvement with local community groups? Minimising waste?

Organisations will focus on different areas depending on their requirement. For example, a tender for cleaning services might look at your environmental policy but HR Services may be more focused on community engagement.

Larger organisations have the resources to make the biggest impact when it comes to social responsibility. Big or small, all organisations can make a difference to the things that should matter most. Your contribution will be recognised and appreciated.

About us

The Bid Boutique can assist you in all areas of your bid management process. We are here to pro-actively search for the right opportunities that perfectly match your offering and strategic direction.

Once you decide to respond to the tender, we can work closely with your team and provide as little or as much support as needed to complete a compliant and winning submission. If it’s a pro-active approach or a follow up to potential new business discussions, we can also create whatever is needed as part of your sales toolkit. We are also experienced in award winning submissions and grant applications. 

When we’re done writing the creative material and capturing the details required in most bids such as company details, organisational charts, case studies, we can develop a knowledge library to capture all the information that can be used in future bids and proposals.

Feel free to get in touch and chat about how we can work with you to find the right tender opportunities and submit the best responses.


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